Cheap Lipstick and Liquid Eyeliner- oh, the possibilities!

I am in Beantown for a wedding and have a gorgeous coral jumpsuit. The color is amazing BUT I forgot to bring an appropriate lip color! I am ashamed (hangs head) but as the Product Hoochie, I never fear. I found a local CVS, left my hubby at the hotel, and scoured the aisles for 15 minutes. Here is what I found:
NYC City Proof Extend Wear Lip Gloss ($3.19): I picked up 2 colors (all right, I bought), Cherry Ever After (red, duh) and Perpetually Hot Pink.
NYC Ultra Last Lipwear ($1.99- hear me say this in my Brooklyn accent. Thanks, Kimmie!) I got #405- Blue Rose.
NYC Kiss Gloss ($3.19) in #537 B’way Berry and #539 Soho Sweetpea.

I can attest to these glosses. I have never been disappointed and for $3.19, I can try a few. As for the long wear stuff, I’ll try them out tonight. I have a dinner party and I’m sure there will be enough glassware on the table to leave a lip print. (Or not- if it’s long lasting it shouldn’t come off.)

I also bought the High Definition Liquid Eyeliner. It’s a pen and I’m a clutz. This should make for an interesting story.

Oh, and CVS I have beef with you. You are way too expensive. $9.49 for Revlon? Really? Since when did Tom Ford have a say in their lip stuff? Oh, right- NEVUH! (or NEVER!) Seriously, I can get Sephora’s brand-it’s better and $12.
They kissed me off. (Sorry, I just had to.)
Stay glossy and see you next week!



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