Beauty Bounty!

Before I get ready for the weekend festivities, I thought I’d give you a look at what I got my filthy little hands on from the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio. Expect some tutorials shortly. For now, feast your eyes on my new products. I’m getting chills just thinking about them.

For my skincare, I mentioned my new products in the previous post. Just so you know, Caudalie uses vinotherapy. Yes, wine! It’s genius! I just read this on their website: “Caudalie is an oenological French term that quantifies the duration of a wine’s flavor in your mouth. One second of time equals one Caudalie. The finer the wine, the longer its flavor lingers on the palate – thus meriting more Caudalies!” If my skin continues looking as good as it does, I’ll be Caudalie-ing for a very long time.

Caudalie Catch! Plus the adorable tote bag I got as a gift with purchase.

Below, you see Candlelight Softly Illuminating translucent Powder. It doesn’t look chalky because it has glimmering gold in the formula. That’s right. Gold. You’ll want to rob my face. There is also the Natural Eye Palette. The palette contains 9 eye shadows that create a natural looking or a dramatic eye. Primed Poreless is fantastic- my skin looked great with just that on. Perfect Lips Liner in Perfect Nude-I usually don’t call things perfect, but this gives me a run for my money. Finally, Glamour Gloss in Plush- it tingles. I’m always down for a cheap thrill.

Free from the boxes and into my clutches.

Too Faced Cosmetics before I tore them open.

Finally, my Smashbox products… since I didn’t get my makeover with Smashbox, I didn’t get most of my products from the brand. Lucky for me, I know a great product and I know Smashbox delivers. I was itching to try Be Legendary Lipstick. I got it in Primrose. It lasts forever! Then ChaCha hooked me up with Limitless Eyeliner in Indigo Ink. I L-O-V-E it. I’m so getting into blue eyeliner.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick and Limitless Eyeliner- for a woman on a mission.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be sure to get some more goods! (Waiting on a special perfume delivery- any guesses as to what it might be? I’ll give you a hint- I hope I don’t get a MONSTROUS zit before I go back to work.)
Stay glossy!

Sorry my pictures aren’t as fab as my sister’s. I lost my real camera- these are from my phone. (I love the 21st century.)


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