Product Hoochie Event @ Brooklyn Make-Up Studio, Part I

Brooklyn Make-Up Studio @ the Venetian

August 26, 2012 was a day that will go down in Brooklyn’s beauty history. Stacey Catapano of the studio and Product Hoochie hosted an event at the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio. Stacey Catapano’s new location created a perfect setting for a day of all things beauty, from facials, to hair, to make-up applications. The Brooklyn Make-Up Studio is the only one of its kind- it is rare to find a cosmetics store in Brooklyn where the owner and employees are actually make-up artists that know their products. Here is a round-up of services at the event: Mini-Facials by Jessica of Caudalie, Makeovers by Cha-Cha of Smashbox, freelance artists Ivan and Tricia, and in-house artists Stacey and Christina. Laura, owner of L’aurang Jewelry, was there with great up to the minute accessories. The atmosphere was and is always professional but customers really felt like they were having a spa day with their closest friends.

ChaCha of Smashbox making over Joan.

Jewelry from L’aurang.

Caudalie Logo

Brooklyn Make-Up Studio’s interior is white with modern amenities. Pictures of glamorous icons Audrey Hepburn and Madonna adorn the walls. The crystal chandelier is in the center of the room’s ceiling and gleams. There is a room for facials and a chair for in-house stylist, Denise. There are stools at each cosmetic station. Brooklyn Make-Up Studio carries Smashbox, Stila, Too Faced, Vincent Longo, Paula Dorf, ColorScience, Deborah Lippmann and Blinc cosmetics. As for skincare, they carry Caudalie, Philosophy, and Anthony Logistics. It was at the studio that I learned about the MoroccanOil brand, making frizzy heads happy everywhere. As for fragrance, Brooklyn Make-Up carries the always exclusive Bond No.9. Usually only found in stores like Bergdorf, it is a luxury line of fragrances you can mix and match.


The crystals of the chandelier

Lip glosses by Stila

Nail polish by Deborah Lippmann

Philosophy Bath Goods!

When I arrived at the studio with my sister and favorite photographer, Shannon, we were greeted by Stacey. Customers were bustling about, asking questions to the highly skilled make-up and hair artists. A table in the back of the studio was filled with fresh fruit, cupcakes from Sweet Treats by Christina, Bellina Chocolates, and of course cheese and crackers. Stacey started to help one woman who seemed a little shy. She applied some make-up with her ever-talented hand. By the time the woman left the store, she had a huge smile on her face. This was an auspicious sign.

Sweet Treats by Christina ; 

I was soon whisked to the facial room, where Jessica, an aesthetician from Caudalie, started on my mini-facial. “What are your concerns?” she asked me. I told her, “I’m oily and my pores are so big.” As she examined my skin, I almost expected some tsk, tsks. Instead, she said that I have very few problems and little congestion. I mentioned that I felt my skin looked dull and was missing a glow. She explained that she was going to apply a light peel to my face. I never had a peel before. I have to admit I was a little nervous but I know Caudalie products are excellent. With a gentle hand, she applied Caudalie’s Instant Foaming Cleanser. After I was cleansed, she applied a 5% peel and as that did its work, she massaged my hands and arms with Caudalie’s Divine Oil. It smelled delightful and my arms were smooth and not sticky. Once she removed the peel, she sprayed my skin with Beauty Elixir. Being of Sicilian descent, my pores are huge. The elixir tightens pores and brings back skin’s natural radiance. “Victoria Beckham swears by this,” Jessica said. “I’ve always wanted to be Posh.” We laughed. She then put on the Anti-Wrinkle Serum (it’s inevitable.) It wasn’t greasy at all. When I looked at my reflection, there was me at almost age 25. My skin was glowing. In fact, I used the elixir and serum after I washed my face last night and my skin looks better today.

Face wash

One of the many things Posh and I have in common.

Wrinkle Serum

This is just the start to my day at Brooklyn Make-Up Studio. I have so much material; it’s going to take a few posts. I bid you adieu for now, but expect some of the tricks later this week. Stay glossy


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