Product Hoochie Always Saves the Day!

I was thinking about my life this morning. I won’t get all mushy or philosophical, it’s just that most mornings before I have caffeine, I get a little pensive. I haven’t been writing this blog for long and I know about products. I know about products. I buy them, I use them, I judge them. Then I started to think about how little so many consumers know about what they buy. With make-up, it’s okay because it is disposable, but who wants to spend a lot of money if they are uninformed? The answer  is almost everyone. My husband checks things on consumer reports and reads reviews. I’m a snap judgement person but I’ve gotten smarter. Unfortunately, when you hit up a cosmetics counter or *gasp* Sephora, a lot of the sales people have no clue what they are selling. That’s where I come in.

I pay for my products. I take advantage of discounts and gifts with purchase so I can up  my bounty. I have recently been very annoyed with cosmetic representatives. Some of them know their products, most do not. For example, I was at a Clinique counter asking about an eye creme. I asked what the difference was between the one I currently use and the other kind they carry. The woman behind the counter stumbled over her words. She did not know how to answer me or offer me some kind of pamphlet. She wasn’t quick enough to say, “Here are the basic differences. Check out the website for further product description.” In the age of smartphones, I could have done that in two seconds. She lost my money.

Another time, I was at a grand re-opening of a Sephora in NYC. These beautiful women were all over the place, reps from companies that Sephora sells or Sephora higher-ups. When I went to the Dior section to get Lip Glow (eh!) and the apricot nail creme (another eh!),  two women reps stood there and asked me what I was looking for. Once I picked it up, they seemed excited but clueless. “Oh, what does that do? Do you know if it works?” I asked them if they worked for Sephora or Dior. Of course they did! NOT. A. CLUE.

My favorite save the day was at another Sephora. A very confused woman was looking at lipstick and was asking a Sephora employee for help. I won’t lie- the lady was a little annoying but was looking for help and if she got it, would probably be out of the employee’s hair. I wanted to see the display and went over to the woman, suggested some lipstick finishes and picked out 3 colors for her. She was so grateful and happy.

I spend a lot of money on make-up. I’ve made friends with the woman that handles the cosmetics department at Walgreen’s. She knows her inventory and the products. She’s also younger than me and asks me about stuff she sees me buying. It’s fun talking about make-up when someone else knows about it.

Please email me or comment your beauty product questions and concerns before you decide to spend $15 on nail polish. Seriously.

Oh, and today come down to the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio. I’ll be there doling out information. And the

Do you know what these do?

people there know the brands they carry. Support local business!


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