The Product Hoochie’s Nine Necessities (Because it take a village- or a lot of Argan Oil)

1) Philosophy Bath, Shampoo, & Shower Gel: From Guava to Full of Grace, these multi-purpose gels are a definite beauty necessity. Start your morning off with some Senorita Margarita, minus the salt and the hangover. Finish your day with a slathering of Crème Brulee. The aroma envelopes you in the shower or bath and you can lather up anything! The best part- the scent will never clash with your perfume or body lotion.


2) MoroccanOil: MoroccanOil Treatment is hair oil that works well on my curly locks. It moisturizes without weighing hair down and cuts back the frizz. I use this on my freshly washed mane before I put in any other products.


3) Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel: When I know I am going to be out for the day (or night) and need to look fresh, I use this gel. Since my skin is super oily, this cuts back the grease and keeps me “bone-dry” all day without actually drying me out. I used this on my wedding day. Between this and Stacey’s expert hand, I looked fabulous.


4) Blinc Mascara: Blinc makes two products, mascara and liquid eyeliner. I can’t attest to the eyeliner yet BUT I can tell you the mascara is crazy! Blinc creates “tubes” around your lashes and doesn’t run, flake, or rub off until you wash your face with a lot of water. (I was a little freaked out when first washed it off, as little “spiders” were in my sink. Alas, it was Blinc just doing its job.) If you desire long, black, glossy lashes this is for you.

5) Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss: Shiny, without being goopy, this gloss has it all. Its gleam along with a little shimmer is classy, not juvenile. Wear it alone for a pop of color or over lipstick to add a little dimension.


6) Too Faced Shadow Insurance: This is an eyeshadow primer that is a can’t live without. Keeps my eyeshadow on my lids, exactly WHERE I PUT IT! Since it has a silicone base, you can blend your shadow and then let it set. It also evens out skintone and smooths lines, creating an impenetrable barrier between you and Tammy Faye.


7) Vincent Longo Rejuvenating Velvet Riche Lipstick: There are times I just need a creamy lipstick. It’s timeless. This is where Vincent Longo’s lipstick comes in. It is moisturizing and has collagen so lips stay firm (because a lot of things can start to sag and I’m not shooting up my face with fillers, just sayin’). The colors are gorgeous, from nudes to merlots, so there is something for everyone.


8) Stila Long Wear Lip Liner: I don’t use lip liner everyday but when I do, I hit up this one. It glides on the lips and lasts and lasts. Stila carries a red, hot pink, and a rose but I use Aspiring, a neutral beige. It works with any color in a pinch.


9) Fearlessness (guts, chutzpah, or spit-fire!): Realize you can wear whatever you want. If you aren’t sure about something, try it out anyway. Life’s too short to care if someone doesn’t like your lipstick. Remember, stay glossy!


My mom and I dancing at my wedding last year.


My sister and my “sister” (her best friend!)


My grandmother telling my husband he was dancing too slowly.


Two of the most important and influential women in my life- My mom-in-law and my mom!

All of these products and more are available at

The Brooklyn Make-Up Studio

447 Avenue P @ The Venetian, Brooklyn, NY



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