I can’t put that in my carry-on?!

Since it is now the beginning of August, I figured it would be a good time to write about travel. I love to travel. I live for it. Nothing makes me happier than globe-trotting with the one(s) I love. I have been very fortunate to have visited most continents, though I think I have yet to make a real dent. Anyway, though I  have a tendency to over-pack, I figured I would share some ideas that make sense, save me some room in my suitcase, and follow the rules of the TSA.

You are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item: Ah, yes. The dreaded one carry-on bag that must fit in that cube thing at every gate with the sign that reads, “Your bag cannot exceed…” How about those people that exceed the annoying rule? I digress. Bringing anything with you on a plane is a pain. Since many airlines now have a checked bag fee, people now bring on those rolling suitcases and don’t care if they put them in the overhead bins without making room for everyone else. I usually check my bag. It’s not worth the trouble to me and I usually am in no mood to argue with people when I might be sitting with them for an hour or 10. I do carry a tote bag. I have a bunch that I can choose from and I like to use one that wipes clean because I  stow mine under the seat in front of me. I toss a small (usually a cross-body) pocketbook in it to use during my trip.  In my tote I carry the usual: book(s) or my Kindle, i-Pod, snacks,  and all the other crap I require. Here comes the fun part… I carry my make-up with me. There is no way I am checking my $26 tube of Blinc mascara. Besides, I go on the plane bare-faced. I need to fix myself up before landing. I store my cosmetics in a Ziploc. It’s simple and cheap. I bring my mascara, lip stuff, blush, shadow palette, and tinted moisturizer. Sometimes, I use two Ziplocs and throw one in my husband’s bin at security. I’m usually carrying some off his stuff, and he rarely notices. 

Any liquids or gels cannot exceed 3 ounces: Three ounces? Really? Do these people know what it’s like to have curly hair? I require 3-4 liquids everyday to get this thing under control. Since I am clever (most days) and since I am a Product Hoochie, I have amassed enough samples to last me at least 10 trips. Probably more, but who’s counting? I just try to bring things that I normally use and don’t care about the brand. Usually whatever I bring works pretty well and if it stinks, I throw out the rest. I know just about how much I need and always bring an extra packet or two of products I know I can’t live without. Shampoo and conditioner are at hotels and so is soap. You can either not bring any or just use the hotel stuff if you run out. Keep in mind, you can always use shampoo to wash yourself and conditioner to shave or as a de-frizzer. My biggest concern is face wash. I bring a lot of packets of that and I bring cosmetic wipes. Baby wipes work in a pinch. If you need perfume, roller balls are great but I use those little vials and try a bunch of new stuff. Maybe I’ll like the new scent. Maybe I won’t.  Either way, I can throw it out. I throw all this in a Ziploc and if I am checking my bag, away it goes. If not, it can come with me and I have my arsenal.

Only bring what you need: HAHAHAHA! My grandmother tells me this all of the time when I go for a visit. It’s true- she has pretty much anything and I know I can just buy if I happen to need something. If I’m not visiting family, it just gives me an excuse to scour stores in different cities. They always have different stuff! Besides, I’ll have extra room in the Ziploc bags since I used all of my samples.

My make-up favorites: These work on pretty much any trip. Trust me.

-Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush- it really bounces and the texture is light and soft. The color is subtle but it’s easy to build up.

-Bobbi Brown Nude Shadow Palette: Mattes, Satins, and Shimmers in one package. You can do a smoky eye or just a simple wash of color. Since the colors are neutral and nude, the palette can work anywhere.

-Blinc Mascara- I can’t say enough. The. Best.

-Burt’s Bees Lip Balm- my stand-by.

-NYX Lip Gloss and Lipstick Queen Lip Medieval Lip Treatment

Bon voyage! Stay Glossy!


6 thoughts on “I can’t put that in my carry-on?!

  1. I don’t like bringing my perfume roller balls with me since they’re mostly made of glass. Sometimes I bring little samples too, but I prefer to bring perfume solids. I have L.A.M.B. and Harajuku ones that I throw in my water-resistant make-up bag. That way, the TSA can’t count them as liquids and I still smell pretty. I brought a Pacifica one with me to Australia. I keep that one at work now. It’s good because I can throw it in a bag if I’m leaving from work to go on a trip and forget my perfume.

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