Got any tips?

New haircut, orange lipstick, and sunglasses. My summer go-to look.

I was shopping with my Aunt Beth this week and we started to discuss my blog. I mentioned that I would like to interview some of my friends that are in the “beauty business.” She would be included in this bunch as my hair expert. Plan on seeing some interviews very soon!

Then I thought about it. It wouldn’t only be experts with tips and tricks. We all know what works for us and what might work for other people. We do our own make-up and hair everyday- we have to know SOMETHING.  For example, when I line my eyes, I never line the entire top lid. I don’t line all the way across the bottom either. It makes my eyes look way too small. I do halfway, blend the bottom line towards the corner so it isn’t too dark, and then apply mascara. It looks so much better on me.

Let’s get to the fun part! Email me at with your favorite tips and secrets. I will compile them all and write a fun and informative post.

Stay cool today- it’s going to be a hot one. Oh, and read my “I’m melting” post for some humid weather inspiration.

Stay glossy!


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