I’m Melting! (How to Keep Make-Up on Your Face)

New York City summers are the worst. I don’t care what anyone says. I have been to many places around the world in the summer and NYC  still wins the award hands down. For some reason, we get awful humidity in which you can’t breathe (all the exhaust and garbage fumes don’t help) and there is no real relief. Since I’ve been living with these summers for 32 years, I have learned a trick or two. First, I use deodorant wipes. I love those things. I prefer Crystal Essence. They are great because they are wrapped packets and are easy to carry. If you are feeling particularly gnarly, just a swipe under each arm makes a big difference. I always carry wet naps off some sort. Wet Ones are great and they are also wrapped individually. I also bought “fancy” wet clothes at Duane Reade. They come in pretty packaging so they don’t look like you have 30 12- year old kids trailing you. They also smell delicious. I particularly like the ginger and orange- smells like tea. Speaking of smelling pretty, I still wear light perfume in the summer. I just got Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon body spray. It smells really sweet in the bottle but warms up once it’s on the skin. Very pretty. Fresh’s Sugar Lychee was picked out by my husband but I also like their Hespirides. They are bright and clean fragrances. I am also a sucker for anything neroli- take me to the beach! Two other summer scents that are signature to me are Stella Sheer (limited edition every year- makes me crazy) and Guerlain’s Agua Allegoria in Mandarine Basilic. It’s a little spicy but the citrus sweetens it up. Love.

Now, onto your face.  I feel pretty strongly about sunscreen. My husband is actually pretty strict about using it, so I’ve gotten in the habit. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection for Face is our favorite. We get SPF 55. It doesn’t burn my eyes out when I sweat, which is expected in the summer. I also don’t break out from it. Pretty fantastic. If I want some coverage, I use Dr. Jart’s BB Cream. It has SPF and uses a weird water technology that isn’t oily. Bare Escentuals also makes a natural sunscreen in powder form. You twist the base of the all in one brush and shake. The product is released on the brush and you apply. It’s easy and since I have oily skin, I really like it.

Onto the make-up… I really lighten up in the summer for two reasons. One- it is just too hot to care and two- I don’t (have to go) to work. I do not go out without sun protection. The other make-up item I need is mascara. My sister reminded me of the Blinc mascara sample we received. She claimed that it did not flake or run or get into her eyes. I dug out my sample and after one use, immediately bought a full size tube. It is so weird but it works. Blinc creates tubes around your lashes and won’t come off without a little cleanser, water, and gentle pressure. The package warns you that when you wash it off, the tubes come off in your hands. The mascara looks like you are removing fake lashes. I was a little freaked out at first but my lashes are still intact and their usual long and curly selves. Good stuff. I sometimes use eyeshadow (with a primer) but if I’m lazy, I just line my eyes with a metallic pencil. The eyeliner that stands up to humidity the best is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Eyeliner. You can buy the thin, self-sharpening pencil on their website. I like Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner, but I really think the Tarte pencil lasts longer. When I do just eyeliner, I also pick a fun color, like teal, green, or purple. You only live once.

For my cheeks, I stay away from powder or cream. I love Benefit’s Cha-Cha Tint, a take on the original Benetint. This one is a coral and perfect for summer. I also use it on my lips. You have to work fast when using it- it dries very quickly. I brush some on my fingers, then apply to my cheeks. It’s a good method. Smashbox makes O-Glow, which works with your chemistry. It’s a gel and easy to apply but you need to work quickly. I choose gloss over lipstick in the summer months. I’m not down with melted lipstick in my bags. Squeeze tubes are my preference. NYC Cosmetics make affordable and fun glosses that are surprisingly not super goopy. MAC LipGlass is tried and true and the colors are more saturated. I like a variety of shades but tend to stay in the coral or pink families.

Finally, setting spray. Urban Decay makes four kinds. I used their All Nighter. My make-up did not MOVE. I also bought the travel size bottle and only use it when I am going out for the night. I still have a lot left. Worth the money.

Keep cool and stay glossy!


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