Happy Birthday, Little Sister!

Relationships with siblings are very complicated. When I asked my sister if she started reading my blog, she said, “Yes. BUT you didn’t write about…” and told me what was missing. I explained to her that I didn’t want to go so far back into our childhood. I would eventually write a blog about us and how our product obsession began.  Then I realized that the play make-up we wore would take a whole other write up.  So…

I decided to write all about her. Yup, Shannon, this one’s for you.

I’ll start by telling you about my first sibling memory. I went to visit my mom in the hospital and after we went to see her, we went to see Shannon (I call her Nootz.)  She had so much hair- OMG. SO. MUCH. HAIR. And she was sleeping (which she still loves to do.) I went back to my mom and told her it was time for the three of us to hightail it out of there. Mom explained how that couldn’t happen and sent me on my merry way with hospital peaches. By the time Mom and Nootz arrived home, I just wanted to play. You can’t have much fun with an infant. So I waited and waited. I sat on my Sit ‘n’ Spin and almost killed my sister (I should have been watching her- I didn’t. Whoops.) By the time Shannon was two, I was almost 5 ½. Oh, the fights and the hitting and the screaming. We generally got along but things could get ugly.

When I was 16 and Shannon was 13, we forged a new friendship. She started to hang out with my friends and I would tolerate and even come to like her friends (so much so that I lived with one and a few of them were at my wedding.)  I’ve written about my love of Brucci Matte “Natural” lipstick, but yesterday Shannon mentioned another lovely make-up trick- Cover Girl Pressed Powder in Ivory (they have since changed the packaging.) “The powder was white, white, white!”  She laughed as she said it. “You thought you were in “The Craft,” I replied. (“The Craft” is a 1990s movie about teenage girls that play with witchcraft.)  That and the dark lipstick she wore were classy. “I looked good,” Shannon said.

Considering her coloring rivals Snow White’s, my sister can wear a lot of great colors. I’m even (a little) jealous. I can’t rock the blues and silvers and glitter like she can. I wish I could pull off teal eye shadow. When I wore it last summer, my husband looked at me and said, “I don’t know I feel about that.”  I am happy that she ventured into red lipstick this past winter. (I have always loved red lipstick. It is so flattering and brightening. It perks up the face, makes the teeth whiter, and brings out the Monroe in all of us. ) My sister has gorgeous lips. She has a perfect pout- plump and bow shaped. When she started wearing it, the two of us would hit up Sephora and examine the reds. Yesterday, she looked for a new reddish color in Rite-Aid. She found one and though it wasn’t quite what she wanted, she still liked it. It looked fabulous.

Shannon’s hair is also beautiful. It’s sickening. It’s long and dark brown. It has never been dyed (except the time she let me put some rinse in that didn’t even last two days.)  It is now really long (I couldn’t deal with it.) She has bangs and that changes her whole look. I think Shannon  straightens  it a little bit. Her hair is no way nearly as curly as mine, but it has happened. We learned  that in Rome. My curly hair looked great and Shannon’s was magically curly because of the water. (They should bottle it.)

The only “bad” thing Shannon has to deal with is her straight eyelashes. Those things stick straight out. They are so straight that even an eyelash curler and curling mascara don’t do the trick. I just bought myself a coupon for an eyelash perm but my lashes are pretty long and hold a nice curl. Maybe I’ll give it to her.  She does have a  good eyelid for shadow and liner. Her eyebrows are a nice shape, too. Mine are similar, if not the same. Shannon is diligent in getting them waxed every two weeks. I’m not. Hand me my Tweezerman.

There is so much more I can say about my sister but I will spare you the details. Shannon is my best friend and my confidant. Shannon is honest with me. She will tell me if I look stupid. She always fixes my iTunes.  She also asks for my sisterly advice on occasion. Shannon and I also have the same sick sense of humor. If no one else gets it, I can count on the fact that she does. You can’t tell everything to everyone but you can always tell your sister. Well, I can anyway. Happy Birthday, Nootz!

Stay glossy!



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