Nostalgic Beauty!

Maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic with all of the graduation talk, but I’ve been thinking about my own high school graduation the past few days. 1998 predates digital cameras and camera phones, so I would actually have to scan the pictures in. That is not happening. So I think I’ll just throw some of the past beauty tricks we swore by- some are good and some very bad in that “WHAT WAS I THINKING?!” sort of way. Here goes…

1) In the early 90s, my friends and I would walk to 86th Street (under the El) and hit up S&J Cosmetics. They always had cheap make-up and since it was 1995, we really were looking for “natural” looking lipstick. That would mean one of two things- A) a color that had no color and made you look like a corpse or B) a brown that resembled mud or Georgia red clay (brown-based red). There was a brand called Earth Tones, which was $1.00. This stuff would stay on your lips for hours and was not drying. But, really? Natural that looked like death or dirt? Must have been pretty.

2) Speaking of lipstick, Brucci (yeah, you NYC ladies know Brucci) released matte lipstick. This was in 1994-1995 and I only remember because my friends thought the cadaver look was so chic. I was (and still am) willing to  try any make-up, so I jumped on the bandwagon. My friend, JM, went out and got us all Brucci matte lipsticks. They ran out of “Natural”- a pale nude, so she got me “Cappuccino”- a brick red-brown (surprise!) We wore that lipstick everyday and at 14 thought we were IT. When I finally got my hands on a tube of “Natural”, I whipped out my Wet ‘n’ Wild brown eyeliner, lined my lips, slapped on the lipstick and rubbed my lips together. H-O-T. (I have to admit, Brucci lipsticks are now on trend and the nail polish is great. I’ll wear “Disco Pearl” or “Romantic Red” anytime. And who can forget Teriyaki lipstick?)

3) When I was in junior high, a friend’s mom suggested I try Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque. It was around $3.59 for a giant jar. My friends and I would slather it on at slumber parties and let it dry until we couldn’t move any parts of our faces. When we would finally wash it off and scrub with wash cloths, we would be amazed. Blackheads would be gone, pores seemed smaller, zits shrunken. I would do a mask every week, all the way through high school. My mom would spot treat with this stuff. When she told me that she thought it worked, I knew it was special.

Very recently, I was at a Mary Kay party (such fun and pleasantly surprising!) and a friend and I were discussing beauty products. Queen Helene came up and she told me that she, too, loved the masks and face scrubs. 20 year later, I still use Queen Helene. My teenage cousin uses the Mint Julep Masque, my husband and I use the apricot scrub in the shower. It still makes my skin glow. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

4) I’ll be quick with perfume- Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers. Need I say more?

Why didn’t anyone tell us to stop? Why?

Stay glossy!


11 thoughts on “Nostalgic Beauty!

  1. I still iron my hair with a real iron sometimes! And back in the day I used to totally rock Baby Soft perfume, and as you know, Jess…. body glitter!!!!

  2. Oh the things that I miss….Tribe perfume. Brown lipliner with cherry flavored (Clear colored) lipgloss that I can’t remember the brand of at the moment….but it was a goopy, delicious, roller ball applicator lipgloss. That was fun. And yeah. Brucci….good times, Jess 🙂

  3. I remember S &J they closed it and now have a different cheap discount store lol I used to love shopping there too especially for perfume. I just found my pink n purple crumpet from the 80’s shut up I did lol miss the crimped hair n the red lips

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